Technology is rapidly transforming the way we work and live. By 2020, companies will spend an estimated $267 billion on IoT technologies* contributing to the growing need for more skilled professionals in the fields of coding and web development, the Internet of Things, and advanced manufacturing.

That’s why we’ve partnered with IoT industry leaders such as Cisco and Johnson Controls to develop and offer innovative bootcamp programs designed to help you build tech skills for the future.

Learn online or in-person, through interactive, hands-on coursework and portfolio-building projects. By graduation, you should be ready to apply your skills to a technical role with confidence. Through individual sessions with career advisors, you can learn how to market your technical skills to employers, conduct an effective job search, and build a professional network that can help support you long after you’ve completed your program.

Explore one of our innovative bootcamp programs below.


Web Development Program

Part-time | 24 Weeks | Online

Gain full-stack web development skills in our immersive, part-time DeVry Bootcamp Web Development Program. Our coding bootcamp is designed to train passionate makers, creative problem solvers, and tenacious learners with the tools and environment necessary to develop your skills as an entry-level web developer.

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IoT Networking + Field Service Program

Part-time  |  26 Weeks  |  Chicago, IL

If you want to be part of the IoT revolution, have a passion for technology, and a commitment to provide innovative customer solutions, the DeVry Bootcamp IoT Networking & Field Service Program delivered in collaboration with Cisco is for you. After completing this education-to-industry-based program, you’ll be better prepared for IoT-driven employment opportunities and to thrive in the digital economy.

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Advanced Manufacturing Programs

Part-time  |  2 to 6 months  |  Online

Determined, detail-oriented builders who enjoy problem solving and hands-on work may enjoy the flexible, online DeVry Bootcamp Advanced Manufacturing Programs. Offered in collaboration with 180 Skills, these programs allow students to learn at their own pace and quickly prepare for 11 specific, entry-level manufacturing positions across a variety of industries.

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* https://www.bcgperspectives.com/content/articles/hardware-software-energy-environment-winning-in-iot-all-about-winning-processes/
  • Shantanu Bose
    "As an innovator in the tech education space, DeVry Bootcamp is committed to offering leading-edge skills development that helps close the technology skills-gap. Accelerated and continual upskilling will be necessary to keep pace with the growing need for tech-savvy talent in a digital economy."

    Shantanu Bose

    Provost and VP of Academic Excellence