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Web Development Program

Gain web development skills in our part-time, 24-week program.

If you’re a passionate maker, creative problem solver, or tenacious learner, then DeVry Bootcamp may be for you. We offer a holistic approach that is different than other bootcamps. Our program is designed to not only help you acquire essential technical skills, but also to help you present your personal brand and cultivate a network of new contacts.



Our hands-on coursework allows you to learn full-stack web application development and acquire relevant skills.

Our stand-out instructors deliver memorable online experiences with real-world relevancy. They’re dedicated to student success, providing individual attention and mentorship.

You’ll solidify what you learn through project work and exercises. The bootcamp experience culminates in a final project where you will apply what you learned and build a full-stack application from the ground up – something you’ll be excited to showcase.

After bootcamp, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with your new coding expertise.


BUILD: Career Search Prep + Personal Brand Building – the foundation for your future

Build your personal brand in the web development industry, and showcase your new expertise by:
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Interviewing strategy and practice for behavioral and technical interviews
  • Developing your online and social media presence
Together, we’ll work on your career search skills. You’ll learn to create impactful and professional communications:
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn profile
  • GitHub

Showcasing your skills is an important aspect of building your brand. Upon completing the program, you’ll have the chance to attend our career fair to meet prospective employers and share your work.

  • Sean Renton
    "Quickly after school I locked down a job working as a full stack developer using the mean stack and it has changed my life tremendously. If you really feel you would enjoy a career in programming and are willing to always push yourself to learn new things then this boot camp is perfect for you!"

    Sean Renton

    Web Development January 2017 Graduate

  • Christine Cody
    "My advice for anybody who’s thinking about Bootcamp is don’t wait, do it, figure out how to do it, sit down with your family, your partner, your parents and map it out."

    Christine Cody

    Web Development January 2017 Graduate

  • Aaron Pennington
    "I’ve become empowered by my experience here. I think that I can actually do all those things that I thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if, you know, we had this thing?’ I can actually make it now."

    Aaron Pennington

    Web Development January 2017 Graduate

  • Kevin LeFevre
    "The biggest skill that I learned is just learning how to learn and learning how to learn new things, especially programming languages. It’s definitely made me able to learn how to read… almost all different languages."

    Kevin LeFevre

    Web Development January 2017 Graduate


GROW: Community Connections – Opportunities To Develop Your Network

Jump-start your professional transformation and get a feel for all you can do in this industry. We’ll help you grow your connections to support your journey, gain confidence and have fun.

Interact with tech professionals and motivated peers to build a lasting network you can turn to throughout your professional life.

Our schedule includes:
  • Industry Guest speakers
  • Panel discussions
  • Career Development Coaches

Not only do we help prepare you for your next job search, but we’ll be there as a resource even after you land a job. This is the beginning of an ongoing relationship with us, and the entire DeVry Bootcamp network.